Wednesday, 15 June 2011

In the Jungle

The Jungle is massive:
Remember the uncoolest person on the earth/our best mate, yes, his birthday.  An evening filled with facepaint, fur, fun and a few too many black outs.  This be the coolest friend we have, Skuddz.

A 5 year-old's dinosaur outfit and a beautiful expression, brilliant.

Seeking revenge most probably.
Once through an egg over a house, through mw's sunroof and unto Jodie's head..

Super-human strength quite essential for the loss of limb-control
Such good first impressions

Back-to-front Retards

Worship yo' cheif
Given the role of dishing the challenges for the evening

Loss of eyes
Urrrr, we live for fun.
mw jlm

Ps. The DOM of the night

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  1. cool pics! looks like fun!xx