Monday, 27 June 2011


So the Durell's are pretty famous on the island for their party throwing, our parents went to the father's and we now attend the son's.  The next generation, but not much has changed.

 "Bring a girl on your arm and a Bottle in your hand and you're in".  

Our best m888 Dan's 17th:  Massive barn party with a lot of drama goin' down and an incredible amount of shufflin'.
Note above: Steph's paraletic boyfriend of 18 years of age, passed out in between coitising couples... we're all well classy.

MW and SV: the girls for pres at JLMs
The theme was Party Rock Anthem, the LMFAO song that never fails to get you in the mood to groove:

This results in a few too many boys in lepoard print lycra, nothing was left to the imagination.  In true DOM fashion, we spent hours learning the shuffle - trickier than it looks.

Fellow party attenders we spotted on our trek.

Searching for Emma after she dissapeared over the fence..

The theme made us each look a little too year 7 rave for our liking...

We just live for fun.
It will probably catch up with us one day.

Everybody just have a good time
new motto?

The DOM of the evening..


Can't even describe how neccessary this dip in the ocean was after watching the sky turn from light to dark to light again without any sleep, still intoxicated.
We are so lucky to live on an island

Life is good,

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